My Own Private Atlantis

by Lisa Alber

I’ve always loved the idea of an Atlantis. As a child, I believed in a lost land filled with warrior women, fantastical creatures, and, oddly, sparkling white Art Deco buildings. I yearned for this land to ascend from the sea floor in all its soaked and degraded glory.

In my 20s the notion of Atlantis turned in a Jungian concept — an archetype that symbolized the murky depths beneath the surface sheen of human consciousness.

As a storyteller, I’m obsessed with the murky, the submerged, the hidden. In some ways, my novels represent my own mini-Atlantis, having risen up from the dark recesses of my unconscious mind where things can be quite scary indeed. For example, I’ve been thinking about a novel I may start writing next year. Here’s the premise:

What if a women with the power to heal was also a sociopath?

Jesus Christ meets Ted Bundy, female style. That’s just so wrong on so many levels. But so right for a story.

Was Bundy a sociopath or a psychopath? I don’t know, but the fact that I’m curious about the clinical difference between the two types of crazy tells you a helluva lot about what resides inside my own private Atlantis.

Yesterday I got to thinking about all this because of a REAL LIFE Atlantis that arose after 25 years of submersion. In reality, the waters receded, but whatever. I prefer to imagine the ravaged village of Epicuen, Argentina, heaving itself up with skeletal, bleached tree limbs pointing the way.

Check out these images. What does this spark from your murky Atlantis?

This was once a thriving lake-front resort.

This was once a thriving lake-front resort famous for its saltwater baths and spas.

Oodles of wet weather and 33 feet of water later...

Oodles of wet weather and 33 feet of water later…

a modern ghost town.

a modern ghost town.

6 thoughts on “My Own Private Atlantis

  1. I thought they discovered Atlantis a few year’s ago off the coast of Portugal. But then, I bet they’re always discovering Atlantises, or Atlanti? It is one of those deep archetypal images we all seem to love. Whatever mine looks like it I know Magic is alive and well there.

  2. Atlantis is awesome! When I was kid I loved the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride a Disney World and Journey Under the Sea was my favorite choose your own adventure book. I haven’t been scuba diving in years but I still have dreams that I can breath underwater.

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