September, I Love You


By Lisa Alber

Celebrating the New Year is great, but my time for reflection and taking stock comes about now. Officially, it’s still summer, but here in Portland, OR, it’s as if the weather knows the calendar date. All of sudden there’s a tinge of coolness in the air and the light has gone all slanty and golden. I’m like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to September. I buy new “school” supplies and enjoy the process of trying to ease myself into becoming a more organized person.

There’s something bittersweet about this time of year, which I find perversely comforting. Death is in the air. We’re on our way to the longest night of the year. Squirrel fatalities will go up in the next few months as they skitter across roads for nuts and meet up with cars instead. But the last burst of harvest summer before the rains really begin remind us we’re alive.

In fact, what I love about this time of year is that everything seems so alive. We shake off August lethargy. Kids are spazzing out in school again. The trees are about to flame out. Everyone’s back from various summer adventures and ready to socialize in cozy settings. The holidays are near. As commercial and crass as they are, I love the holidays. I love pumpkins and gourds and twinkling lights. For me, it’s three months of celebrating before January and February’s hibernation.

I just love September, I guess. I start thinking about my crock pot and making homemade squash soups and tomato sauces. My cat and dog want to cuddle up with me again. And I adore buying funky tights to wear with skirts and boots. And scarves! Time to fish them out of summer storage.

Best yet, I feel the writer within perking its head up. Hey, it’s not the end of the year yet, it says. You still have time to greet your goals, say a grand “hello,” and get down to it. I suppose this year September is striking me more than usual because I’ve been depressed. I can feel myself coming out of it now — I like to think with the help of September.

What do you love about this time of year?

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