A Writer Gives Thanks

By Cheryl Owen-Wilson

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving a time when in homes throughout the USA we sit around tables laden and overflowing with an abundance of food; surrounded by those we love. Please take a moment to give to or to remember those in this country who are not so fortunate. In our home as in many, we go around the table and recite the litany of things in our lives we give thanks for; in that vein I’ve written you a writers’ Thanksgiving poem.

T is for the Tingling, which travels up and down my spine;

whenever a new story begins whispering, through the corridors of my mind.

H is for the Humor; I must pull from deep within;

whenever opening rejection letters, again and again.

A is for Artists, of every shape and every sort,

for within their creativity, lays the Universe’s, beating heart.

N is for NanoWriMo, a time when writers everywhere,

turn off their internal editor, without a single worry or a care.

K is for the Kindred spirit I feel, when surrounded by my peers,

for through their shared experience, they calm my many fears.

S is for Shadowspinners, “When Nice People Write Bad Things”,

where each and every Wednesday, you are treated to our entertaining, musings.

G is for Growing, as we inevitably must do.

Yes, practice and more practice, is a writers’ must have, virtue.

I is for the Inklings, my ever supportive writing group.

Do you have one, for when your story begins to droop?

V is for Victorious, which is how I will feel,

when a publisher says, “Yes, let’s make a deal”.

I is for Imagination, something every writer must possess;

for without it, this becomes quite a laborious, process.

N is for Nature, where I escape to meditate and rejuvenate;

when my muse is being a reprobate, and refuses to cooperate.

And the final G is an abundant Gratitude,

for this profession which allows us to laugh, to cry and to play,

with our imaginary characters, each, and every single day.


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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