Book Launches and Kismet

IMG_5025By Lisa Alber

Some things are kismet. That I would meet a wonderful group of writers and bond with them, that we’d collaborate on a group blog, that we’d contribute stories to a collection, that we’d come together for a fantastic book launch.

Last week Christina Lay, our fearless leader, announced the publication of Shadow Spinners, A Collection of Dark Tales. This week I get to provide pictures of the launch party, which was held at the historic Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House. As the website says, the house “… with its carved and turned exterior woodwork, polygonal tower, ornate open porches, and large bay windows – remains Eugene’s most elaborate example of late-Victorian Queen Anne Revival style architecture.”

The best part? It’s surely haunted. Some people are sure that Curtis Johnson, a World War I and II doctor, presides over the attic turret room, where he used to hole up and play solitaire.


Standing room only! Guests spilled into the entry hall and the dining room. That’s Cheryl Owen-Wilson reading her Southern gothic story.


Ringleader (in the best way) Christina Lay emcee’d the event.


And here are Cindy Coate Ray, Sarina Dorie, Matthew Lowe, and Stephen Vessels reading from their stories. The collection features a variety genres, from horror to literary to fantasy, and more.


Lots of books were sold, food and wine consumed, and hugs shared. It was a great night, and I’m so honored that I got to participate with my fellow Shadow Spinners!





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