Plan B

Cynthia Ray

Sometimes things do not go according to plan, and that is precisely what happened to my blog today.  I’d spent a few hours working, and written a most of a nice little piece, but when I opened my computer this morning to post it, my computer crashed and burned. It was an event in which there were no survivors and from which there would be no document return.

Rest in Peace

After much gnashing of teeth and wailing, I smuggled my husband’s computer to my desk and started Plan B. I could have recreated the original piece, but it seemed better to leave it in the ashes with the rest of my documents and start over.  While turning over ideas in my head, I realized that I’d been contributing to Shadow Spinners for over nine years, and written over fifty blogs!   

It made me wonder if anyone is listening.  Do these posts go into the void?  Do they matter?  Have they touched anyone’s heart or mind?  Like any writing, once it is released into the world, it follows its own path, and finds a place.  I believe this writing is meaningful, if even one idea from one post influenced, challenged someone’s thinking or made someone smile.  I know that many of the posts of fellow bloggers have made me laugh, made me cry, and stretched my mind.

Looking back over the last few years of content on the Shadow Spinners site, I am moved.  There are many excellent posts from the Shadow Spinners gang, and from various guest writers as well.  I’m humbled to witness the outpouring of wisdom, insight, humor and angst from these special humans. If you haven’t gone back and read or re-read some of the posts over the last few years, it is well worth your time.  These authors are the real deal.

Writers have a calling to write, and anyplace that shares the struggles of the craft with brave transparency, bares the loneliness and doubts, the break throughs and joys, and the technical finesse of bringing a story into the world, is a good place to be. 


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