Cynthia Coate Ray


The Professional Stuff:  Cynthia is an author of short fiction focusing on fantasy, horror and science fiction.  Her characters struggle with meaning, monsters and magic, and are always transformed by the experience, but not in ways they expected.  Her short stories have appeared in Fringe Magazine, Mystic Signals, Daily Love, Anthropomorphic Dreams and various anthologies.

The Other Stuff:  She believes symbols are the language of the soul and explores ways to incorporate them into her writing.  Her attempts to get behind the outer “seeming” of things and to the hidden reality behind them inform her fiction.

She has always ignored the maxim of “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” She lives to push aside the curtain; and whether the thing revealed is light or dark is the mystery that must be discovered in every story.

Find out more on her blog:  Magic, Mystery and Meaning

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