Elizabeth Engstrom


The Professional Stuff: Liz  is the author of thirteen books (11 novels and 2 nonfiction books) and over 250 short stories, articles and essays. She served for ten years as the Director of the Maui Writers Retreat, and is a sought-after teacher and keynote speaker at writing conferences and conventions around the world. She holds a BA in English Literature/Creative Writing and an MA in Applied Theology, both from Marylhurst University. Her Ghost Story and Science Fiction/Fantasy Weekends are well attended and more fun than writing ought to be. A veteran and former publisher and editor, she currently serves on the executive board of Wordcrafters in Eugene, an annual writing conference to begin in Oregon,  in 2014. She lives in Eugene with her fisherman-husband and puts her pen to use for social justice as well as her new series of knitting mysteries.  She is on faculty at the University of Phoenix. www.elizabethengstrom.com

The Personal Stuff: Liz is an irreverent religionist, an avid knitter, a student of The Urantia Book, a vegan, and a gardener. She longs for the day when peace will rule the world, even as she writes disturbing fiction that she hopes will serve as cautionary tales or wake-up calls to the world at large. She is suddenly optimistic.

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